AMETHYST - The Beautiful lilacs and purple hues of Amethyst are very special. This stone helps with creativity and relaxation

CRYSTAL QUARTZ - Usually translucent or white and opaque. The most revered crystal for its’ spiritual enhancement.

CITRINE - Golden orange with opaque white. Attracts Success, Abundance and Personal Power….Yes please…..

POUNAMU - Sublime jade green with milky veins. A soothing heart-based stone promoting inner peace.

LAPIS LAZULI - Revered for Its deep blue with flecks of gold remains the symbol of royalty and power.

AMAZONITE - A wonderful colour mix of teal blue with cream streaks. Is most known as the LUCKY stone!

OBSIDIAN - Darkest Black magna rock. Perfect for more Clarity.

SMOKY QUARTZ - From light brown to very dark brown. Fantastic for relationships, especially with yourself.x

FLUORITE - A stunning Blue Greens glass like stone. Fluorite expands the consciousness And spiritual awareness.

RAINBOW FLUORITE - Very rare candy striped Fluorite. Pretty and powerful.

TIGERS EYE - Browns and Golds and stripes = beauty. A great rock to inspire creativity and is superb for stimulating wealth!