The Waiata Gallery collection is made with an artistic edge and energy.

Established by a part-Maori, Italian, Chinese and German designer, Waiata breaks boundaries of what art brings to your life.

Taking influence from the incredible beauty of our universe, the Waiata brand has hand crafted uniquely stunning pieces, sculpted and formed with nature at its very core.

The art pieces are made to enlighten, inspire, relax and calm. No two pieces are the same and much like Waiata’s origins, paintings and jewels are crafted from personality and spiritual clarity.

Each canvas, ring, necklace, or earring can be made to order and tailored to you. Like crystals Waiata Gallery is individual, made for and loved by the owner.

The combination of rarefied woods, bold metals, semi precious and striking crystals; make Waiata jewellery distinctive statement every time.

The Waiata brand blends historic and contemporary culture. Drawing themes from ancient cultures and a universal need to decorate, celebrate with timeless aesthetic.

Each piece is hand made from creating art, rings and necklaces that are as individual as the people that own them.


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