This painting is a homage to the ancient jewellery artisans from the 1st and 2nd Centuries.

As a Crystal obsessed jewellery designer for the last 15 years, it’s been a long held plan to incorporate beautiful gems into my paintings.

The cross symbol is utilised not for its’ religious connotation, instead as a strong shape and focal point in the work.

A cotton yarn grid is hand sewn into the canvas to build a foundation.

Then overlaid with patterns, colours and layers of paint before embellishing with crystals, jewels and gilded beads embedded into the canvas.

As with all my paintings it can be hung 4 different ways to give the viewer many ways to see the painting in a new perspective.

Acrylic, oils, mixed media, metal, gold leaf, cotton, selenite, citrine, amethyst, selenite, fluorite, amazonite, lapis lazuli, aventurine, smokey/rose and crystal quartz and LOVE on canvas.

200 cms x 170 cms

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