Wonderful for manifesting optimism, joy and prosperity


attracts Success, Abundance and Personal Power. It enhances ones optimism and brings a more positive outlook. Helps uses synchronicity to open your mind to new possibilities.


Stone of the angels, heightens divine intuition.  dissolves pain and brings you LOVE



is a meditative and calming stone which soothes the mind and emotions.

It is also used to eliminate impatience, promote balance, and peace. 


Crystal Quartz

is wonderful for connecting to your higher self, removes negativity and clarifies your thinking. An excellent stone for meditation, and a powerful healing stone.


has the ability to increase your intuition and sense of confidence, helping overcome challenges. A stone of mental order and clarity helping us see the truth through intuition and dreams. 


Lapis Lazuli

is traditionally a stone ofroyalty and is also known for enhancing love and excellent for mental organisation which is very empowering. Encourages clear true communication. 

Rose Quartz

opens the heart to all types of love - self love, family, friends and romantic love. Is also calming and soothing. The stone for unconditional love and healing. 


Selenite is a light ray of energy named after the Greek goddess of the moon, Selene.  A very elegant stone, used for protection and luck























Amazonite this stone will bring clarity and self understanding.  Great for creativity, imagination and pursuing your dreams. A Lucky joyous stone.